Crispy yam cakes with spicy mango remoulade
Asparagus wrapped in beef carpaccio
Rasam shots with bochettes of grilled pineapple
Rosemary tiger shrimp wrapped in proscuitto
Oysters on half shell with bacon and shallot ceviche
Chicken satay with tangy cashew dip
Chili corn empanadas with sour cream and avocado dip
Assorted canapés with caviar, pancetta, smoked salmon and Stilton

Brie wrapped in poached pears served with sliced baguette

Goat cheese and spinach turnovers with tamarind sauce
Potato and pea turnovers with tamarind sauce
Mini pitas topped with humus and olive tapenade
Filo tartlets with mushrooms in wine and thyme
Cucumber and avocado maki
Crispy potato and sesame fingers with rice wine and cilantro dipping sauce
Zatar spiced swordfish kebabs
Vegetable spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce
Crispy plantain topped with bacon and tomato salsa
Belgian endive with lox and dill and kaffir vinaigrette
Steamed Indian rice cakes seasoned with cashews and curry served with coconut chutney
Stir Fried shredded beef wrapped in lettuce leaves
Tandoori chicken kebobs with onion salsa
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