Tara offers culinary classes on a limited basis in the Boston area and around the country. Her courses include:
Her classes have been offered with many of culinary schools and other institutions, such as:
The Natural Gourmet
(New York)
The Indian Culinary Institute
Cooks on Crocus Hill (Minneapolis)
Community Education programs of Boston, Brookline, Cambridge and Weston


Tandoori cooking came to India from Central Asia and finds its origins in traditional camp fare. In India, particularly in Punjab, it has reached great heights of culinary complexity and evolved into an internationally popular food. In this class we will prepare a variety of classic Indian kebobs, breads and assorted accompaniments. We will also discuss the history of Tandoori cooking, how to make your own backyard Tandoor and where to shop for ingredients.
Menu Includes:
Lamb Seekh Kebob: Minced and spiced lamb on skewers
Reshmi Malai kebob: Silk cream chicken kebobs
Paneer Tikka Kebob: Indian cheese kebobs
Gobi Tandoori Kebob: Cauliflower kebobs
Naan: Leavened bread
Mango lassi
Mint and Yogurt Raita
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