Tara offers culinary classes on a limited basis in the Boston area and around the country. Her courses include:
Her classes have been offered with many of culinary schools and other institutions, such as:
The Natural Gourmet
(New York)
The Indian Culinary Institute
Cooks on Crocus Hill (Minneapolis)
Community Education programs of Boston, Brookline, Cambridge and Weston


This Hanukkah, supplement your repertoire with these unusual Indian style latkes. Each of India’s Jewith communities -Bene Israeli, Baghdadi and Cochin Jews, among others- has its own culinary traditions, which have fused with local Indian produce and techniques to result in a splendid and rich cuisine.
Menu Includes:
Chickpea latkes with lime and mango relish
Spinach latkes seasoned with fenugreek and cilantro with a tangy tomato chutney
Smoked eggplant latkes with yogurt sauce spiced with anise and kalonji
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